Welcome to the CMT Catalogue Homepage!

This is the homepage for the Carlsberg Meridian Telescope data catalogue. This electronic catalogue contains all of the results from the CMT as published in 9 CMT catalogs and later released onto CD-ROM. Click here if you require more information about the CMT.

The information itself is held at the Cambridge Astronomy Survey Unit in the Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy. The catalogue can be inspected by using your favourite web browser, although using Netscape will certainly make your life a lot easier. If you wish to browse through the catalogues, please feel free to do so. Help is available via links on the form and when I have time I will provide links for the documentation here.


Form Description Help
CMTmain Query the main CMT catalogue
CMTplan Query the CMT planetary catalogue
CMTvar Query the CMT variable star catalogue
CMTnov Query the CMT nova/supernova catalogue

Please send questions, suggestions or problem reports by email to Jim Lewis.