HELP: CMT nova/supernova catalogue fields

General Description

  • This catalogue contains all published data from the Carlsberg Meridian Telescope nova and supernova observations.
  • In the tables below you'll find a description of the individual keywords which you may encounter. The first column is a list of the keyword headings. In the second column a 'Q' means that the keyword appears on the query form and an 'I' means that that particular keyword is indexed in the archive. Searching on at least one indexed keyword will always lead to a faster result. The third column describes the value of each keyword.

Objkey I A unique key created by concatinating the CMT object number and the observation number.
Objnum   The CMT object number or the FK5 number.
Target Name Q,I The object's name. When querying you may get trapped by upper and lower case considerations as well as by abbreviations, so be careful.
Target Source Q The user can search for objects by name in two different ways. By default the user specifies a name and this is coordinate matched to the name given to the target by the CMT. This is usually a common name (e.g. "Cyg 1992") but it is unpredictable how it will be abbreviated and how letter case will be resolved. If the user knows the CMT object number then this can be used by high-lighting the appropriate option here.
JD Q,I The Julian date of the observation.
Vmag   Mean Johnson V magnitude.

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