Hipparcos catalogue: query form

This form gives access to the catalogue of results from the Hipparcos mission. Queries return astrometric and photometric data for individual objects. Some objects also have finding charts and light curves.

Positional and Kinematic Information

Target Name Use of name
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RA (J1991.25) DEC (J1991.25)
Parallax (mas) Err(parallax)
PM(ra) (mas/yr) Err(PMra)
PM(dec) (mas/yr) Err(PMdec)

Magnitude Information

B(tycho) Err(Btycho)
V(tycho) Err(Vtycho)
Mag(hipp) Err(Mag_hipp)
(B-V) Err(B-V)
(V-I) Err(V-I)

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