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CASU Astronomical Data Centre

Welcome to the home page of the CASU Astronomy Data Centre (formerly RGO Astronomy Data Centre). The Data Centre is part of the Cambridge Astronomy Survey Unit in the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, and houses a good selection of data from the UK's ground based telescopes as well as a number of catalogues.

The user interfaces for the catalogues presented here are all very similar, so once you've queried one catalogue then all of the rest should be pretty much the same. The interface owes much to software developed at the CADC (Canadian Astronomy Data Centre) and we gratefully acknowledge our debt to them in allowing us to adapt their software to our needs.

We currently serve the following archives and catalogues.

Catalogues of observations

The listings of observational details are available on-line via the links above. The actual observed data are not currently on-line, but copies of unreduced observations may be requested via the catalogue interfaces.

Catalogues of astrometric data on individual objects

VizieR service

The ADC operates a mirror of the VizieR service developed by the Centre de Données, Strasbourg. VizieR is a "catalogue of catalogues" or "data-set federation". It allows users to browse lists and descriptions of available catalogues and to submit a query, typically by object name or position, on many catalogues at once.