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About IDR

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The IPHAS Initial Data Release (IDR)

The IDR data set is defined by imaging data obtained through December 2005. The IDR paper (Gonzalez-Solares et al. 2007) describes the content and user access of the IDR. With this release, we are providing two access tools. The simple web page access allows a cone search of the database, image search and image postage stamp retrieval. Full database and image access is provided by Astrogrid. The Astrogrid desktop provides extremely powerful search capabilities using ADQL for the construction of catalogues of astronomical objects and the access to images.

Please note the following about the IDR:

  • IPHAS magnitudes are given in the Vega system. 
  • The IDR data are calibrated per observing run. This means that data taken in non photometric conditions will have calibration offsets. Data taken during photometric nights have been included in the PhotoObjBest table subject to the following constrains: r'-band zero point rms smaller than 0.05; r'-band magnitude zero point larger than 24.2; seeing conditions better than 2 arcsec in all bands; ellipticity better than 0.2 and all objects have been detected in the three bands. All data taken for the survey, including non-photometric data, are available in the PhotoObj table.