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News and Updates

Initial Data Release Available

3 December 2007 - The Initial Data Release of IPHAS has been published. The survey is aimed at revealing large scale structure in our local galaxy, and also the properties of key early and late populations making up the Milky Way. Mapping emission line objects enables a particular focus on objects in the young and old stages of stellar evolution ranging from early T-Tauri stars to late planetary nebulae. We announce here the IPHAS Initial Data Release, primarily a photometric catalogue of about 200 million unique objects, coupled with associated image data covering about 1600 square degrees in three passbands.  Access to the primary data products has been implemented through use of standard virtual observatory publishing interfaces. Simple traditional web access is provided to the main IPHAS photometric catalogue, in addition to a number of common catalogues (such as 2MASS) which are of immediate relevance. Access through the AstroGrid VO Desktop opens up the full range of analysis options, and allows full integration with the wider range of data and services available through the Virtual Observatory. The IDR represents the largest dataset published primarily through VO interfaces to date, and so stands as an example of the future of survey data mining. A catalogue of high-confidence emission line star candidates has also been prepared (Witham et al. 2007) and will be available electronically via CDS and in this link.The IPHAS survey is described in Drew et al. 2005 and this release in Gonzalez-Solares et al. 2007.

 The release has been published in the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

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