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Software Release


CASUTools is a package of several programs that we routinely use on the pipeline processing we carry out at CASU. At the moment it contains the following tools:

  • The image object detection and parameterization (imcore, imcore_list and classify)
  • The image stacking and dribbling software (imstack, dribble)
  • The astrometric fitting software (wcsfit)
  • Background filtering to remove large scale structures (nebuliser)
  • The software to do the final mosaic of a list of image extensions (mosaic, grout, ungrout)



The usage of each application is documented in imcore, stacking, wcsfitnebuliser, mosaic, dribbling, grouting, ungrouting, VST pickup and classify.



The software has been tested in different Linux distributions, 32 and 64bit, Solaris and OSX. It requires a C compiler to build and recent versions of the CFITSIO and WCSLIB libraries installed in your system. See the README file in the distribution file for instructions on how to build the software. For most of the systems you just need to do

./configure && make && make install

In those cases where the FITSIO and WCSLIB libraries are not in a standard location you will need to specify additional flags to configure as in e.g.

./configure --with-cfitsio=/sw --with-wcs=/sw


Last version is 1.0.36 can be downloaded from here. We just ask for your name and email so that we can inform you about updates or new versions.


* 20171108:
          Tagged as v1.0.36
          Modified cir_getstds.c and wcsfit_main.c to allow Gaia data to
          be used in wcs fitting.
          A few superficial fixes
* 20170425:
          Tagged as v1.0.35
          Modified mosaic so that scaling the background by the photometric                                                           
          zeropoints is now optional 
          Fixed a number of compiler warnings.                               
* 20161114:

          Tagged as v1.0.34

          Fixed small bug in imcore_overlp.c

* 20160302: Tagged as v1.0.33
Fixed missing include. Modified imcore routines and wcsfit routines so that RA and Dec columns are now doubles and in degrees

* 20150401 Tagged as v1.0.31:
Modified grout_main.c and ungrout_main.c to allow the user to specify which correction is to be done.
Fixed small bug in cir_imstack_cat that shifted the output map by a pixel in both x and y.

* 20141103: Tagged as v1.0.30

Modified wcsfit.c so that there is now a magnitude cut in the standard star list if there are too many.

* 20140808:  Tagged as v1.0.29

Added the nbsize <= 0 option to imcore_list

* 20140731:  Tagged as v1.0.28

Fixed imcore so that nbsize <= 0 gives a constant background.
Also fixed long standing problem in imcore_list where the equatorial coordinates in the output catalogue are in degrees rather than radians as advertised

* 20140718: Tagged as v1.0.27

The ell file in imcore_list now places the objects at the original coordinate location rather than in the location where the detection algorithm _thinks_ there might be an object.

wcsfit now checks to see if there are any rows in the input catalogue. If there aren't then we just get a non-fatal error message and moves onto the next extension.

* 20130530:  Tagged as v1.0.26

Fixed bug in vstpickup_main.c affecting one of the error messages
Added vstfix
Removed extraneous declaration in casu_wcs.h

* 20130207: Tagged as v1.0.25

Fixed bug in the projection part of the WCS routines in cir_imstack_cat.c and cir_mosaic.c which was caused by crpix being exact integers

* 20121208: Tagged as v1.0.24

* 20121207: 
Added vstpickup
* 20121205:
Fixed cir_classify so that it traps for WFCAM data and modifies the moffat profile exponent. Also fixed grout and ungrout so that you can't accidently repeat the procedure
* 20121001: Tagged as v1.0.23
Fixed bug in cir_mosaic affecting zeropoint.
Fixed duplicate column names in imcore create_table_1.c
* 20120904: Tagged as v1.0.22
* 20120904:
Fixed small memory leak in mosaic
* 20120813:
Fixed a bug in imcore_main that causes the routine to barf if the output file doesn't have a filename extension (eg .fit).
Fixed outloc in cir_imstack_cat and cir_mosaic so that the zpn is calculated correctly. Added PPMXL to list of astrometric catalogues in wcsfit.
* 20120720:
Fixed a bug in some of the sort routines
* 20120509:
Fixed nebuliser so that any tables in the input FITS file just get copied to the output file. Also stole some code from ESO so that the autoconf now checks whether cfitsio has been configured for threads.


For additional support please contact us at 

FITS to ASCII catalogues

The fitsio_cat_list program can be used to convert the FITS catalogue tables into ascii applying all necessary corrections. It is a fortran program available to download separately below. It needs the CFITSIO library and can be compiled as
gfortran fitsio_cat_list.f -o fitsio_cat_list -L/sw/lib -lcfitsio -lm
and then run as
fitsio_cat_list catalogue.fits

It writes a file named catalogue.asc with the following columns: RA and Dec coordinates, x, y, magnitude, magnitude error, chip number, stellar classification, ellipticity and position angle. Additional columns can be added by editing the source code which is available for download at the bottom of this page. 

Note that v1.7 onwards now uses double precision arithmetic for the relevant part of the astrometric conversion since the original single precision version limited the external accuracy to up to ~50-100mas, particularly for fields with large RA.

The latest version is v1.10 (20130911).

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