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Naming Convention

Files are named as follows:

  • Flatfield images and confidence maps: flats are constructed approximately every one to two months and their names are formed by combining the filter name and date (mmmyyyy) of observation. The respective confidence map has conf in place of flat in the filename. Examples: and  Note that some earlier examples have the full date name in the form (yyyymmdd).
  • Single pawprint images: start with o (for omegacam) followed by the observing night and the run number (which starts at 1 every night). Example:
  • Stacked pawprint images and confidence maps: inherit the primary name from the first pawprint image which goes to the stack appending _st to the filename. The confidence map filename appends _conf to the name of the stack. Example: and
  • Catalogues: the file extension is changed to .fits instead of .fit and _cat is appended to the name of the imaged they are obtained from. Example: o20091210_00023_cat.fits. For catalogues generated using list driven photometry, the _list extension is added to the filename: o20091210_00023_list_cat.fits. If the illumination correction has been applied to the file, the _fix extension appears in the filename: o20091210_00023_fix_cat.fits. These "fixed" catalogues also include APASS derived zero-points.