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WFCAM data processing

WFCAM reduction progress per semester (see also the information for the illumination correction and the overall version log ):

  • 2005A (April 1st - June 20th), See also the related known features and the version log.
  • 2005B (August 25th - February 10th). See also the related version log.
  • 2006A (April 28th - July 31st). See also the related version log.
  • 2006B (October 26th - March 31st). See also the related known features and the version log.
  • 2007A (April 1st - May 21st).
  • 2007B (August 1st - December 3rd). See also the related known feature.
  • 2008A (February 6th - June 15th).
  • 2008B (September 18th - December 1st).
  • 2009A (January 28th - July 26th).
  • 2009B (27th July - 31th January).
  • 2010A (01st February - 31th July).
  • 2010B (01st August - 31th January).  NB. ice on cryostat window 20110116-20110125 inclusive
  • 2011A (01st February - 31st July).
  • 2011B (01st August - 31st January).
  • 2012A (01st February - 31st July).
  • 2012B (01st August - 31st January).
  • 2013A (01st February - 31st July).
  • 2013A (01st August - 31st December).  NB. semester extended
  • 2014A (01st January - 31st July)
  • 2014B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2015A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2015B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2016A (01st February - 1st August)
  • 2016B (02nd August - 31st January)
  • 2017A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2017B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2018A (01st February - 6th August)
  • 2018B (20th September - 31st January)
  • 2019A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2019B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2020A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2020B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2021A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2021B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2022A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2022B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2023A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2023B (01st August - 31st January)
  • 2024A (01st February - 31st July)
  • 2024B (01st August - 31st January)

For more detailed information about the telescope schedule please refer to JACH web site.

The status pages are automatically updated every hour. Note that if a night is flagged as "Transferred by WFAU" it does not mean that it is already available for download from the WSA: there are extra overheads due to ingestion and data curation tasks.
For more information about the DQC plots and the observation logs please refer to the description document.

You can check the observing conditions for a specific night using:


General Information about WFCAM data products

Rice image compression

CASU is using the Rice lossless compression to store both the raw and reduced data. Rice compression is supported by CFITSIO and by DS9 (starting from version 5).


CASU is using the Zenithal Polynomial projection (ZPN) to encode the astrometric calibration in the FITS headers. Although ZPN is part of the FITS standard for WCS encoding, it is not supported by IRAF until the last version. ZPN is instead correctly understood by other software packages like DS9 and Gaia. For more information on how to fix this problem, see the IRAF ZPN Patch document. If you use Terapix software (e.g., SExtractor or Swarp), check out the Terapix Software ZPN howto document to lean about ZPN-related issues.