Quality Control Tables

This page provides quality control tables in FITS format for download. The tables are organised by month and compressed using gzip. For an explanation of the columns please see the database schema.

Monthly QC tables are available here

Some examples of checks which can be performed using these tables:

A subset of relevant keywords useful for QC are given below:

Requested maximum airmass. Can be compared with observations using amstart and amend.
Requested maximum seeing. Can be compared with observations using seeing.
Requested sky transparency. According to ESO these are defined as
photometric (not visible clouds, transparency variations under 2%),
clear (less than 10% of sky above 30 deg elevation covered in clouds, transparency variations under 10%) and
thin cirrus (transparency variations above 10%)
Requested maximum separation from the moon.
Requested maximum moon phase.
amstart, amend
Airmass at start and end of observations.
Average seeing in detector (arcsec).
njitter, nprov
Number of jitter positions and actual number of frames combined for the stack.
If these two numbers are different then the OB is incomplete.
Average ellipticity over the detector.
magzpt, magzerr
Zero point and rms.
nightzpt, nightzrr
Nightly zero point and rms.
stdcrms, numbrms
Astrometric fit accuracy and number of stars used.
Magnitude limit.
Sky brightness (mag/arcsec^2).
obstatus, qcstatus
ESO assigned status.