Welcome to the Gaia-ESO archive at CASU

Gaia-ESO is a public spectroscopic survey, targeting ≥ 100,000 stars, sampling all major components of the Milky Way, from halo to star forming regions, providing the first homogeneous overview of the distributions of kine- matics and elemental abundances. This alone will revolutionise knowledge of Galactic and stellar evolution. When combined with Gaia astrometry the survey will quantify the formation history and evolution of young, mature and ancient Galactic populations.

From this archive you will be able to search and download processed data. Data are in multi-extension FITS files which contain both images with spectral data and tables with meta-data and derived information about each object. Processing information will all be written to the relevant FITS header. The database allows users to receive data in two forms:

In order to download data you need a username and password. If you don't have one please contact the project PI.