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Data Access

Raw Data Archive

Raw data are available from the ESO archive.

Processed Data

The Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (CASU) are responsible for delivering the VISTA telescope data quality control (QC) pipeline and the QC and calibration pipeline run in Garching and also for developing and running the science product pipeline in Cambridge.   The science pipeline delivers full astrometric and photometric calibration for all science products from each night of data.  Processing is at the OB level, i.e. dither stacking of pawprints within an OB and generating object catalogues from them; and, if a suitable set of pawprints are available in the OB, tiles are generated together with their associated tile-based catalogues.  Flat file access to these pipeline products is also available from CASU.

The Wide Field Astronomy Unit (WFAU) in Edinburgh receive the calibrated image data from each night, and associated catalogues and ingest it into a database-driven archive. As well as enabling access to the data products received from CASU this is used to  generate further products based on many nights of data (e.g. coadded to go deeper, or over large areas). The data can be accessed in this way from the VISTA Science Archive.

Official data releases delivered to ESO are described in the Data Releases pages. These data releases will be periodically updated following incremental submissions and full data release submissions from the Survey teams and the released VISTA survey data products can be accessed from the dedicated ESO data products query form.