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2005A Version Notes

Description of the different processing versions

Summary of Cambridge processing for semester 2005A:

Version #1

  • Images : stacking bug causing non-linearity in stacked images.
  • Catalogues : missing Petrosian, Kron and Hall fluxes, all flux errors and coordinate errors.
  • Calibration : 2MASS old colour equations.
  • Timeline : July/August 2005

Version #2

  • Images : stacking bug fixed, improved sky correction.
  • Catalogues : full standard parameter set - note that this does not include PSF and Sersic profile fits.
  • Calibration : 2MASS new colour equations. Systematic 0.04 mag offest in H band in 2MASS is now removed as well (see Simon Hodgkin's photometric calibration document for more details).
  • Timeline : September/October 2005


For both version #1 and #2, a more detailed discussion of the issues summarised above can be found it the SV document .
Please note that the description reported in this document refers ONLY to 2005A data.