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Adding mid-IR fluxes

This short example shows the J and K fluxes from the UKIDSS DXS project for those objects detected with Spitzer in the mid-IR.

SWIRE and UKIDSSUsing fluxes from the Spitzer Wide-area Infrared Survey (SWIRE) and the UKIDSS survey EDR data, the figure on the left shows the K-[3.6] versus J-K colour. In red all objects classified as point like in the near-IR images and in blue those classified as stars. Also shown some galaxy templates (blue, cyan, green, magenta) and a QSO type I template (red). Red diamonds mark those sources with spectroscopically confirmed redshift, most of them beeing QSO I. The fit of the models to the data is remarkable. The z=0 point for the templates is marked by a white filled circle while z=1,2,3 are marked by triangles.