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VVV (VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea) will target the galactic bulge and a piece of the adjacent plane in Z, Y, J, H, and Ks at magnitude limits 21.6, 20.9, 20.6, 19.0 and 20.0 respectively. The total area of this survey is 520 square degrees and contains 355 open and 33 globular clusters. The VVV is multi-epoch in nature in order to detect a large number of variable objects and will provide > 100 carefully spaced observations for each tile. A catalog with ~109 point sources including ~106 variable objects is expected. These will be used to create a 3-dimensional map of the Bulge from well-understood distance indicators such as RR Lyrae stars. Other science drivers include the ages of stellar populations, globular cluster evolution, as well as the stellar initial mass function