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VISTA Data Processing

The latest version of released VISTA data products is v1.3  - see the version log for further details regarding changes.

VISTA reduction progress for each ESO Period:

  • Commissioning (Sep. 2008 - 14th Oct 2009)
  • Science Verification (15th Oct 2009 - 14th Feb 2010)
  • P85 (15th Feb 2010 - 30th Sep 2010)
  • P86 (1st Oct 2010 - 31st Mar 2011)
  • P87 (1st Apr 2011 - 30th Sep 2011)
  • P88 (1st Oct 2011 - 31st Mar 2012)
  • P89 (1st Apr 2012 - 30th Sep 2012)
  • P90 (1st Oct 2012 - 31st Mar 2013)
  • P91 (1st Apr 2013 - 30th Sep 2013)
  • P92 (1st Oct 2013 - 31st Mar 2014)
  • P93 (1st Apr 2014 - 30th Sep 2014)
  • P94 (1st Oct 2014 - 31st Mar 2015)
  • P95 (1st Apr 2015 - 30th Sep 2015)
  • P96 (1st Oct 2015 - 31st Mar 2016)

For additional information on VISTA please refer to the official web site.


Rice image compression

CASU is using the Rice lossless compression to store both the raw and reduced data. Rice compression is supported by CFITSIO and by DS9 (starting from version 5). You can use funpack to uncompress the images.


CASU is using the Zenithal Polynomial projection (ZPN) to encode the astrometric calibration in the FITS headers. Although ZPN is part of the FITS standard for WCS encoding, it is not supported by old IRAF versions. ZPN is instead correctly understood by other software packages like DS9 and Gaia. For more information on how to fix this problem, see the IRAF ZPN Patch document. If you use Terapix software (e.g., SExtractor or Swarp), check out the Terapix Software ZPN howto document to learn about ZPN-related issues.