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VISTA Technical Information

Title Description
Astrometric properties Astrometric fits and residuals
Catalogue generation A description of the catalogue content
Data Processing Information related to data processing and various VISTA documents
Detector dark current Day and night time measurements of dark current
Filter Set Filter transmission curves, detector QE characteristics and AB magnitude conversions
Flat Stability Summary of the behaviour of flats along the VISTA timeline and across the detector units.
Known Issues Summary of known issues on VISTA data
Linearity/saturation Overview of detector linearity measures and saturation
Naming Convention
Photometric properties Recent measurements of photometric properties
Pixel sizes Variation of x-y pixel scale as a function of position
Sky brightness variation Measured sky brightness from recent VISTA observations
Sky subtraction Description of sky subtraction strategies and algorithms
Spikes and Halos VISTA bright stars suffer two types of artefact produced by the telescope optics
Stacking Analysis of noise properties on stacked images
The VISTA Autoguider: predicting magnitudes from 2MASS photometry The results of comparing 2MASS (JHK) and SDSS (i') photometry
Tile Generation Description on tile images, how they are created and issues.
VISTA gain/read noise Recent VISTA read and gain noise measurements
VISTA performance
VISTA re-acquisition test Offsets in re-acquiring the same field from night-to-night
VISTA sensitivity and Colour terms Throughput and sensitivity, ab-initio versus reality and colour terms