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dribble is a routine specifically designed for interleaved superframes from WFCAM, although in principle it should be usable for any interleaved data. The program is designed to smooth out the spikey point-spread functions that arise from undersampled interleaved data. For 2x2 interleaving the typical 4,2,1 weighting scheme is used in a 3x3 cell around a given pixel. For 3x3 interleaving one can either use the above or an unweighted averaging scheme. An input image (infile) and an output image (outfile) must be specified. Optionally an input confidence map can also be used (inconf). If no input confidence map is to be used then a value of "noconf" should be specified. If an input confidence map is used, then an output confidence map name should also be specified (outconf).


Input FITS file with the interleaved superframe images
Input FITS file with the confidence map images. If no confidence map is to be used, then a value of "noconf" should be specified
Output FITS file with the dribbled images
Output FITS file with the confidence maps for the dribbled images.


The following options are supported.  Default values are specified after the equal sign.

The number of pixels in the X direction of a detector. For WFCAM this will always be 2048, but if this routine is used for other instruments, then this value is needed in order to work out the level of interleaving that was done.
--(no)cons3 (yes)
If 3x3 interleaving was done, then if this is set a straightforward unweighted mean is used rather than the 4,2,1 weights that would normally be applied.
--(no)verbose (no)
If set then some verbose output will be generated