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IPHAS Initial Data Release

INT WFS Data Quality
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The INT Photometric Hα Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane (IPHAS, Drew et al. 2005 -- see for general information) is mapping the northern Galactic Plane in the latitude range |b|<5 deg in the Hα, r' and i' bands using the Wide Field Camera on the 2.5-m INT telescope at La Palma to a depth of r'=20 (10σ). The Initial Data Release (IDR) is the first major public data release, providing access to images and catalogs through Astrogrid.

The IDR (Gonzalez-Solares et al. 2008) contains the data obtained between September 2003 and December 2005 during a total of 212 nights. Between these dates, approximately 60 percent of the total survey area was covered in terms of final survey quality.


IDR Coverage

IPHAS Initial Data Release sky coverage in galactic coordinates (degrees). The top figure displays the coverage of the full release and the bottom one the coverage of the PhotoObjBest best observations subset. Brightness indicates the total line-of-sight reddening as computed from Schlegel et al. (1998) dust maps using 4 pixel interpolation.

The Data Products page describes briefly the released products and the Data Access page describes how to access the data. Please have a look at the Known Problems page for the latest issues. Please refer to the credits page for the names of  participating astronomers  and their institutions, and how to acknowledge the use of IPHAS data in your publications. Please also note how to refer to IPHAS sources in your publications using the registered IAU nomenclature for IPHAS sources.

The following table shows the survey parameters and quality summary of the IDR.

IDR Parameters Table