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WFCAM Technical Information

Title Description
Astrometry This describes the Astrometry in WFCAM.
Catalogue generation A description of the catalogue products and their generation
Crosstalk How crosstalk is measured and removed
Dark and reset anomaly An explanation of how the dark and reset anomaly correction is carried out
Decurtaining An explanation of decurtaining
Dithering A description of how the data is dithered (or jittered)
Filter Set
Flatfield An explanation of how the flatfield correction is carried out. Also includes calculation of the confidence maps.
Interleaving A description of how the data is interleaved (or interlaced or microstepped)
Linearity Linearity correction issues
Naming Convention
Persistence A description of persistence in WFCAM data
Photometry This describes the Photometry in WFCAM.
Sky subtraction An explanation of how sky subtraction is carried out
Zero Point Plots The following figures show the yearly zero point evolution with WFCAM.